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Bookings forms are available for download below, either individually or as a zipped folder.
All forms are in Word .doc format.

All necessary documents zipped into a single folder.
The main booking form.
The Brouchure / Information booklet.
Crew list form - needed to book onto the event.
Team list form - needed to book onto the event.
Yours to use to publicise the event at your HQ.
You need to send one of these off before the event.
Adult health information forms. (to bring with you)
Scout / YL permission forms. (to bring with you)

Please ensure you send us ALL the necessary forms and full payment (by cheque) as without this we cannot process your application to attend.
Note some forms you will need to send to other people at the appropriate time (i.e. the NAN form etc.). This is your responsibility.
Also the health forms should be as current as possible and brought with you on the weekend (you will need a set to hand in when you arrive and one to keep yourself).